31st October 2019, 8:45pm onwards

On October 31st 2019, the United Kingdom was due to leave the European Union under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. To mark this event, Radio23, in association with the Indelicates and cunning-man Cat Vincent, will broadcast a distributed magical working designed to strike at the spirit of Brexit. This will be completed shortly after 23:00 GMT, the time when Britain is due to leave the UK.

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All times below are approximate (but all more accurate than the government's Brexit deadlines). Current timings are:

Deity Galaxies
In between tracks there will appear deity galaxes - a ragtag of inconsequential gods, goddesses and other divine beings utter mostly meaningless curses, each of which will nudge our timeline into an everso subtly different universe. An algorithmic incantation, marshalled by Dan Sumption.
2031 - EVP by the Indelicates
2033 - Everything English is the Enemy by the Indelicates
2038 - Juniverbrecher by the Indelicates
2041 - Hexit Jingle by Ryder
2042 - THE UNREVERSING - a Magickal Musickal Spell to Dispel the Mean Spirited Conjurings of the Brexit
assembled by Pilgrim and printer Graham Evans on behalf of the Kokopelli Foundation and Bridge Construction Enterprises Unlimited
Graham Evans achieved Manifested Entity status a while back and, according to official records at least, seems to have spent much of the interweaving years stuck in traffic and held up by roadworks. He does, however, continue to receive daily sensory inputs of data which he, like many others, hopes to one day assemble into a useful helpful hopeful form of higher cohesion so that people can then go “oh, right, I see now. So THAT’s what he’s for”. He has just had his petition to “Sort out the Brexit with a Penalty Shoot Out on Westminster Green” dismissed by the current governmental forces as “offensive, nonsense, a joke or an an advert” and at the moment is working on the construction of “What Time is Wednesday?” , a short film about a meeting which occurred way back when in 1922 between philosopher Henri Bergson and physicist Albert Einstein in which they yabbered on about the perplexing elusive illusionary perception and nature of Time an’ that.
2105 - Hexit by Chris Parkinson
Famous poet, expert on the Eating Habits of Politicians, policy consultant for the Militant Liberal Democrats, once got called a "bright young thing" by Ed Miliband and "greatly overrated" by someone on Radio 4. Current interests include tapirs, the golden age of detective fiction, and bin collection.
2109 - Amorphous Albion (excerpt) by Ben Graham
2113 - Hexamaton Mix 001 (4:10)
Will Humphreys (aka The Librarian) is an artist, teacher and musician. He makes music under the moniker of Makirikur (which may or not mean Shadow Knife in Ainu).
2117 - Ash, Cadbury Castle: A Lament by Michael James Parker
Michael James Parker is crowd-energising host of Brighton’s Hammer and Tongue Poetry Slam, witty spearhead of the poets attack at the iconic Poets v MCs battles, a big man with a big rock’n’roll stage presence. But sometimes he calms down, listens to the mountains and the trees and tells their subtle tales.
2118 - HEXIT by Texture
Texture is a science fiction-inspired hip-hop futurist and founder of the Black Lantern Music Clan.
2122 - The Weatherman (He got it wrong) by David Devant & his Spirit Wife
A wonky song about the trouble with predictions, with a chorus that we will all want to sing-along to on the night. ’The Weatherman)’ is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Cut-out and Keep Me’, to be launched at The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London on 11th December
2127 - Tractors Turning by Alexander Velky (10:00)
Alexander Velky was born in Birmingham but has spent most of his life in Wales. He has published two short poetry books: "Mistaken for art or rubbish" (2013) and "Rhymes for all times" (2015). Both of these were extremely successful so he is now rich.
2137 - Mr Larceny
Mr. Larceny are a three piece post-punk band from Brighton. If it sounds like they’ve been listening to early Talking Heads, Can and Husker Du, it’s probably because they have. Like The Beach Boys, the drummer is the only real surfer. The other two are fakes. The cormorant bird flies over borders, finding its own path, and it’s own way home. Mr. Larceny hope their cormorant song will summon the forces of resistance.
2141 - Hopelessness Figure by Verity Spott
Verity Spott is a poet and property tycoon from Scarborough. Its books include "Gideon", "We Will Bury You", "Balconette", "Prayers Manifestos Bravery", "Click Away Close Door Say" and "The Mutiny Aboard the RV Felicity".
2148 - A Brexit report by the other 27 countries in the European Union
The Ephemeral Man creates sonic paintings and other peculiar things. His number is 6, though he often works with 23. He is the resident wyzrd for ezine Wyrd Daze, curated by alter ego Leigh Wright.
2154 - Changing the Guard by Adrian Reynolds
Adrian Reynolds rearranges syllables into new configurations, sometimes on his own, and often with collaborators including artists, actors, filmmakers, and a choreographer. He does talks, and workshops, and can be found in Nottingham mostly. Online he lives at adrianinspires.com
2157 - Devil’s Fairground by Foz Foster (3:58)
Britain lost in a funfair of misplaced nostalgia, broken rides and dodgy sideshows, with tat for prizes, that no one wins. Where the carousel keeps turning in a nauseating stutter until the day it crashes down with us all onboard.
James (foz) Foster (AKA Foz Questionmark) - ex member of 'The Monochrome Set', current member of 'David Devant and his Spirit Wife'. MD of Sawchestra. Film and Theatre soundtrack composer, Sound Artist.
2201 - brexitmeansbrexit
2205 - So long, Professor Bloom by Campbell Edinborough
Campbell Edinborough is a writer and artist, working predominantly in theatre and performance. His new play Walking Towards Ithaca is on at the Soho Theatre in early November.
2212 - HaveYourWay by The Private Sector
"The Private Sector are as dreadful as a moment of clarity. They are traumatic, but necessary. They are psychologically damaged by expensive schooling and there is no alternative. They are part of the problem and not the solution. They are exactly what you deserve.” - John Higgs
2218 - 'The Deadends (in search of truth)' - A documentary by Dr Mikey B Georgeson
Constructor of aesthetic machines. Seeker of emergence. Feeler of material vitality. Autumnatik self-proclaimed handyman of the post-conceptual cross-art scene
Regarding deadends: in Summa Technologiae Stanislaw Lem speculates that cybernetic technologies will become “too powerful for us to be able to cope with their autonomy”. He warns of the pyrrhic victories of science over nature, which “instead of developing strategy, it [civilisation] ends up just practicing tactics”.
2220 - Hexit Jingle
2221 - Maypitt by Kemper Norton
Maypitt was a mine in Derbyshire that was supposedly haunted by the ghosts of vengeful miners following their deaths in a petty industrial dispute with a neighbouring mine.
Kemper Norton uses digital and analogue hardware and software, acoustic instruments , field recordings and traditional song to explore neglected or original areas of landscape and folklore.
2229 - Nick Hudson with The Academy Of Sun - performing Dambala by Exuma
Nick is a composer, artist and performer. He’s performed internationally both with his dystopian goth ensemble The Academy Of Sun, solo, and with Toby Driver (Kayo Dot) and Seattle’s Asva. The Academy Of Sun has just completed its eschatological opus The Quiet Earth.
2238 - Rise Up from Armageddon Gospels (3:23)
Written and directed by John Harrigan, music composed by Jo Burke, performed by Scott Temple. ‘Armageddon Gospels’ is released on Apple TV on Halloween.
2241 - You Army by Sombras
Sombras are a bi-lingual hiphop outfit that mashes Brighton with Barcelona. Collette and Jon Clark translaborate each others' social commentary from Spanish to English and back again, hunting demons by shining a light on the shifting shadows.
2243 - Sea Sings to Stone by Craig 'VI' Slee (10:00)
Craig 'VI' Slee is a crippled writer, sometime poet, sorcerer, and bearded frothing madman. A Cornishman born and bred now living in the North West, he has been published in many different arenas, from esoteric essays and devotional poetry to performance art pieces, disability theory texts and immersive theatre rituals.
2253 - John Higgs reads Deborah Turnbull's poem Impact
John Higgs is a writer from Brighton. He is the author of books including William Blake Now, The KLF, Watling Street, The Future Starts Here, Stranger Than We Can Imagine, I Have America Surrounded, The Brandy of the Damned and The First Church on the Moon. Deborah Turnbull's poem Impact is from the collection Trial by Scar
2253 - A Sigil of Hexit: Composed and expelled by Sue Bradley and Sooxanne
Our process was to sit and reflect on our feelings of the 2016 referendum of Brexit. We explored how the decision affected our shared beliefs, identities and ancestry; we both feel a deep anger and sense of loss. On a semantic level before the idea of a referendum the word Brexit did not exist and for us it is still not a true word. So our intent and Charm aims to expel it.
Brexit is not a true word.
We have been exploring and working with the concept of Sigil magick and were drawn to the idea of turning our sentence in to a symbolic sound. We Equated the letters to musical notes and then condensed these to create a sound sigil. To help strengthen our charm, please shout, bang drum scream and help us expel this false Idolatry
2300 - Cat Vincent and the Indelicates: A Banishing
Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent is a magician and journalist, a member of the British Discordian revival and the Hookland shared universe. His writing and performances explore the relationship between myth, fiction and magic. His first book - ‘New Gods and Monsters’, on the evolution of pop culture beliefs - is forthcoming. Twitter: @catvincent

Back, back
To the caravan
Back, Back
To the Ballroom, go
Back, Back
To the Leeds side streets
Come out
Out of England

Back, back
To the marathon
Back, Back
To the spinal ward
Back, Back

Back To History
Come out
Out of England


This is the third in a series of rituals. The first was the October Ritual, held on Thursday 12th October, 2017 (there is an MP3 of the ritual available). A follow-up event occurred on March 29th as part of Taking Back Control, the night the original Article 50 declaration expired. Cat Vincent and The Indelicates took to the stage minutes after Britain was supposed to have left the EU. For the third event, rather than be restricted to a single location, we wanted to share the event more widely, to listeners around the world.